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Dietary Salt Reduction

Sodium intake doubles in the Ticos, just one level teaspoon of salt per day

The Costa Ricans sodium we consume comes mainly from domestic salt, 59%, ie we use for food preparation; followed by processed foods and condiments with added sodium contributing 25% and casseroles and consumed outside the home, such as rice arranged married and 11%.

The daily sodium intake per person, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), is less than two thousand milligrams equivalent to less than 1 teaspoon of salt per person per day, but currently consume three thousand tico 700 milligrams of sodium, almost double than recommended.

These figures are part of the studies of the “Program to Reduce Salt Intake/Sodium in Costa Rica“, holding the Costa Rican Institute for Research and Education on Nutrition and Health (INCIENSA) together with the Ministry of Health.
The data reflect the need to change habits related to the excessive use of salt in households, INCIENSA noted researcher and coordinator of the Program for Reducing Salt Intake/Sodium in Costa Rica, Dr. Adriana Blanco, which has sponsored by the International Centre for Research Development Canada (IDRC).

Reduce daily sodium intake is the cheapest and most effective measure, the date identified to prevent and control hypertension, a disease also known as the silent murderer, no symptoms when diagnosed and existing irreversible cardiovascular damage, as well as possible injury to vital organs like the kidneys, among others.

The problem of excessive sodium intake is related to food preparation at home and with the consumption of processed foods high in sodium, hence the urgent need for people to make changes in your home when you use the salt and seasonings as cubes, broth and seasonings, among others.

According to the research team nutritionist, Katrina Heredia, it is also important to make purchases the product label should be revised to acquire those with less sodium and eliminate the habit of adding salt to many foods such as fruits or vegetables consumed raw.

Besides lowering sodium intake to prevent and control hypertension is necessary to increase the daily consumption of vegetables and fruits prefer low-fat dairy, maintain proper weight and physical activity frequently.